B is for Bobbi, F is for Foundation Stick!

So, the first thing I want to do is share my love for the beauty brand that is Bobbi Brown. Not often do I speak so highly of make-up and skincare products, but this is a brand that cannot be ignored! I began using the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick a few years back, along with a lovely khaki eyeshadow, both of which I was very very happy with…

But, it wasn’t until recently during a little trip to Selfridges that I REALLY discovered what Bobbi Brown is all about…

Chapter 1. Foundation Stick

It was a Monday afternoon, the 4th July to be exact. You are probably wondering how I remember such details, and there is a valid reason, it was my friend’s Birthday! She had travelled to Manchester to celebrate her Birthday over lunch and once we were fed and watered we found ourselves at Bobbi Brown!!

I’d been wanting a new foundation for quite some time. I’d always used various liquid foundations, along with the Estee Lauder double wear compact, but I found I was becoming increasingly dissatisfied. I’ve always had dry skin, and wearing foundation had only enhanced the dryness. I can assure you this was not a good look. Nobody wants flaky foundation and a cakey complexion! Despite trying various products to prepare my skin before make-up, nothing seemed to solve the problem…


I decided to try the foundation stick as I thought this could be a refreshing alternative to a liquid foundation, and believe me, it is! My mum has always sworn by stick foundations, and I guess now is the time I have to admit ‘Mother knows best!’. Anyway, I’ve digressed. The foundation stick was just what I had been waiting for, and I’m so glad I finally have a foundation that suits my skin! Ok, so you probably want to know what the difference is? Or what’s the advantage? Well, I shall tell you…

A foundation stick is compact, less mess and a little goes a long way!

Not only does it cover all of my flaws and imperfections, but it does so whilst still providing a natural look. So, if you don’t want  your face to be smothered in make-up, nor do you want foundation that has to be an inch thick just to give you that ‘flawless finish’ then this is the product for you!

What I love most about a stick is how you can control the level of coverage. I find I only need to use the smallest amount, and then if there are any areas where I want a little extra coverage, I can simply apply another ‘swipe of the stick’.

So, how do you apply?

There are various tools you can use to blend a stick foundation, but I was advised to use the ‘Full Face Coverage Brush’ and I must say, what a brilliant little brush! I’ts soooo soft, and it really spreads the foundation evenly over your face. I use it to ‘buff’ the foundation onto my skin, as this way you get a smooth, even coverage and a natural blend around your neck and hairline. Nobody wants a tide mark now do they!!

Anyway, the most important thing about this foundation is that it did what no other foundation has done before…

It didn’t dry out my skin!

Unlike other foundations, this feels silky on my skin, it doesn’t sit on top of my dry patches and crack on the surface, and for that, I am thankful, oh so thankful!

Finally, after months of research and reading mixed reviews, I found this foundation!!

And another reason to celebrate 4th July!!!

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