I is for Illuminate

Bobbi Brown continued…

Now, before I go any further I just want to make it clear that I do not work for Bobbi Brown, nor do I have any connection to the company. Anyone who knows me will appreciate how difficult I can be to please, and buying a beauty product simply because of ‘hype’ is just not my style. Also, I don’t necessarily believe that just because something has a higher price tag that it’s guaranteed to be better. As I can assure you, this is not always the case. The reason I am so complimentary of Bobbi Brown products is because they are simply brilliant! So now that you know, I can get started…

Chapter 2 . Illuminating Moisture Balm

I thought now would be the perfect time to indulge you on the details of the Illuminating Balm, after all, it is the season of Illuminations! And for anyone who has never been to, or even heard of Blackpool, that comment will go over your head and drift away like the sea breeze! Ok, I’m going off topic, let me get back to where I was…

Ah yes, the Illuminating Moisture Balm!! This has to be one of the most incredible products I have ever had the pleasure of discovering. And yet another reason why the 4th July will always be a very important day to me. This product has literally changed my life! Ok, I know that might sound a little dramatic, after all, it is just a moisturiser, but being a drama queen I feel I should be allowed a little ‘dramatic licence’ on this one. Anyway, the fact is, this product is simply…incredible!!

So, it all began with the balm…

Before my foundation was applied, this product was used as a moisturiser/base/primer and gosh it was good! I don’t know how but this balm has the power to give you an instant glow, and immediately brighten and ‘illuminate’ dull skin.

It can be used in various ways. Let’s just say, I never go a day without this on my face! I don’t wear foundation on a daily basis, simply because I don’t want to, and I’m too lazy to apply make-up everyday, so I save that for the weekend! Anyway, what I LOVE so much about this product is that it’s perfect for a little natural enhancement. You only need the smallest amount and your skin will immediately look fresh and alive! For a daytime look, you can use the balm with a dusting of highlighter, a brushing of blusher and you’re literally good to go! Ta-Dah!

Now, this product is also a perfect way to prepare your skin before applying, yes, you guessed it, the Foundation Stick! These two products together are like gin and tonic, ham and cheese, rhubarb and custard, oh the list goes on! Anyway, I can confirm that they are the perfect match, and compliment eachother in the most wonderful way! Once you have applied your foundation, you will find you now have a subtle sheen that brightens your complexion. I’ve always been a fan of the ‘dewy’ look, and this provides it perfectly! The balm can also be dabbed over your make-up if you want an added glow.

Now, don’t get me going on the smell…

OH.MY.GOSH. It is just the most delicious thing I have ever smelt. I want to put it in my mouth, never mind on my face! The smell is simply divine, and I usually dab a little extra just under my nostrils so I can get a whiff whenever I wish!

Now if you are going to buy any beauty product, please let it be this one! It can multi-task, it smells incredible and it can transform the look of your skin in seconds!

Even my friends have commented on how nice my skin looks when I’m wearing this, and I must say, I agree! Another very important point to make, going back to my dry skin, is that this balm has restored the moisture in my face, and now my dry days are over!!

I never thought this little cylinder could create so much joy and happiness, but it has…







  1. I love this blog!!! Informative, fun and easy to read. A great understanding of product knowledge with a real down to earth approach.
    As a business owner myself I don’t find the time to search for reviews on things so this is a great way to get some handy tips! Thank you!
    Can’t wait to see more from you little Miss Manchester!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great blogging and totally relatable. Love the blog and it’s great to hear such a confident review of products, especially with no relation to the company Bobbi Brown itself. Always really helpful when you known someone’s opinons are honest and unbiased :).

    Liked by 1 person

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