Cha Cha Charity

Ok, so let me take this chance to tell you all about Charity Shops, yes, Charity Shops!

To give  you a brief background to my story, my Mum (yes, the Mother who knows best!) has ALWAYS been addicted to charity shops. Whist I was out indulging at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, she was out spending pennies at Oxfam! I never understood her fascination with second hand shopping, until recently that is…

So, last year, after walking away from the world of work to become a Girl Boss, it meant I had more time to myself. And since I no longer had to get up and go to work in the morning, I was now able to join Mummy on her daily trips to the charity shops.

Now initially I was a little reluctant to go, but curiosity kinda got the better of me…

And let me tell you, not only did curiosity kill the cat, but it also got me addicted to charity shops!!

But seriously…

People have no idea what treasures lie await as they are either much too proud or simply just too stubborn to go inside. But, swallow your pride people for you shall not be disappointed! The only thing I am disappointed in, is myself, for not discovering charity shops sooner…

What I love more than anything is the anticipation, the ‘not knowing’ what you might find, it’s so exciting, so much fun. And everyday is different. Don’t get me wrong, there’s hits and misses, just like with any shopping trip, but unlike high street stores, you can’t go online for a preview of what’s in store, it’s always going to be a surprise!

Some of the items I have picked up have been unbelievable. Why? Because of the insanely cheap price tag! I have purchased everything from modern day designers to genuine vintage, and I very rarely pay more than £1 an item! Yes, I kid you not…

The main joy of charity shops is that some items are so random, so unique. Irreplaceable. And then you have to ask yourself, where did this come from? Who did this belong to? Every item has a history, a story as to how it came to be in that charity shop.

And not only will you find all kinds of items in second hand shops, but you will also find all kinds of people. So many characters, so many different reasons for being there.

Another important fact about second hand shopping is just how resourceful it is. As more and more people are going green, and recycling is fast becoming such a major part of our everyday life, it seems only sensible that charity shops are factored into this movement.

How did it take me so long to make this discovery?

Finally, I now understand that one man’s junk, really is another man’s treasure!



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