Plastic Fantastic

So, I need to tell you all about my new shoes! Why? Because they’re awesome, that’s why! And these are no ordinary shoes, these are magic shoes!

Ok, let me explain…

Now, before we go on, there’s no need for any ‘abracadabra’ and you most definitely won’t be witnessing any white rabbits being pulled out of a hat, but you will discover my shoes!

So, you probably want to know what is so ‘magical’ about these shoes, well, they are all an illusion, and the trick is simple…


Now I’m sure if you’re upto date on the latest fashion trends you will be well aware of the perspex shoe, yes? no? Well, anyhow, these shoes are ideal for so many reasons…

Firstly, they are clear, so no need to contemplate what colour shoe will best match your outfit, as these shoes will compliment everything!!

And, they are ideal for those of us who are a little on the short side…

When you’re petite like me you have to take careful consideration when choosing the right footwear. Because, if you’re not careful, a shoe can cut your leg off (not literally, ofcourse!) but it can make your legs appear even shorter. Ideally, wearing no shoes at all will create the appearance of a longer leg, but we can’t all walk around barefoot now can we? Erm, no! So what is the next best thing? Wear a shoe that you can’t see! Not only will it confuse the hell out of people when they see you strutting down the street on what appears to be nothing but your tiptoes, but it will provide that illusion of a longer leg! And trust me, I’ve tried it, I know!!

Ahhh, my new shoes!! The plastic as clear as crystal. The colour (I opted for nude to blend with my skin tone) just enhances the illusion even more! Oh aren’t they wonderful! (I know you’re all nodding your heads right now!).

Anyway, the perspex shoes come in various styles, some with more and some with less. But I chose full perspex! I mean, why do things by half eh? If you’re going to trick people you might aswell do it Dynamo style!!

But really, these shoes are just a dream! For someone like myself, who is teeny tiny, these are perfect for creating that ‘long leg’ look. No visible ankle straps, no complicated design, just a shoe that provides illusion, style and a good few inches!

Another feature I love, is the block heel. I always opt for a stiletto heel, and as much as I love them, it’s no fun when they get stuck in the cracks! That happened with my Louboutins, and trust me, it was not pretty! I usually find that block heels can look a little too casual, or too chunky on a smaller frame, but with these being clear, they are much more delicate with the added bonus of practicality. I always think block heels are much easier to walk in, and again, you’re not having to watch out for every crack in the road. Or cobbles!! What is with those cobbles!! I mean, they look great, but I always say cobbles are a man’s creation! Seriously, what woman would create cobbles knowing she would have to walk on them in heels! I always find my self tip-toeing along as to not damage my shoes, and this can prove quite difficult when one is infused with alcohol!! Anyway, I’m once again going off topic, back to the shoes please!!

Now if you’re wondering where you can find a pair of these plastic fantastics, simply google ‘perspex shoes’ and you will find an assortment to choose from! They are all fairly cheap so  you won’t have to take out a loan to buy them! Ooh, see, yet another reason to purchase some perspex!! Happy shopping everyone!!

If you would like more details on where you can find these shoes, just leave a comment and I will get back to you with more information…

Now, I am literally counting down the days until I get to debut my new magical shoes!!






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  1. Its so refreshing to read reviews of items that are genuine and don’t have an ulterior motive, and ones that are so well written too! I’m really enjoying reading this blog, and can’t wait to see more! 🙂


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