Becos I love my Chelsea Boots

Now before I give my reasons as to why I believe everyone should own a pair of Chelsea boots, I just want to give you a little background story to my discovery…

So I’m assuming you’re all well aware of the Chelsea Boot! Well, I recently purchased my first ever pair. It wasn’t intentional, in actual fact I wasn’t even shopping for boots when I stumbled upon the perfect pair of Chelsea’s!

So, here’s how it happened…

After enjoying a lovely late lunch at San Carlo in Selfridges, my friend and I took the escalator to the lower level of the store to purchase more Bobbi Brown (obviously!). Anyway, once we had spent another small fortune on the brilliant beauty brand, we decided to have a little wander around the clothing department…

Well, after perusing the latest fashion labels and new in A/W 16′ attire, one item in particular caught my eye. Yes, it was the boots! Placed with precision on the shelf at Cos they looked like they were begging for me to put them on and take them home, and what was even better, is that they were my size! You might be thinking, yes, so? But if you’re a size 36 like I am, you will understand. The amount of disappointment I’ve had when I’ve found the perfect pair of shoes only to discover time after time that my size is not available, pfft! So, when I spotted these beautiful boots that just happened to be in my size, I truly believed it was a moment of fate!

But, as we all know, boots can be difficult! Finding the right pair of boots is like finding the right man, a very tricky task indeed! And, as I’m sure you will agree, there is nothing more sole destroying than stumbling upon the style of your dreams, where everything about them is spot on?, the shape, the style, heel height and material, like they’ve been designed just for you. But then what happens, we try them on and they’re just so wrong! Your dream becomes a disaster in seconds, and you just want to throw them back in the box and stomp out of the store in a major sulk. Behaviour I’ve succumbed to on more than one occasion…

But, with these, there was no sulking, no stomping, just smiling (and possibly a little squealing) but I blame that on the large glass of red wine I’d just gulped down with my lunch! Anyway, once I had slipped on the boot (Cinderella style) there was no going back. They had to be bought!!

Now, as per usual, it wasn’t that simple, me being the perfectionist that I am didn’t want to be taking home a pair that had been on display, not that there was anything visibly wrong with them, I just prefer to receive them untouched and fresh out of the box! So, instead, I said goodbye to the boots before leaving the store and the following day, I got online at and ordered my Chelsea boots!

Within two days, they had been delivered! Thank you Cos, for the great service!

Once received I got to work trying them on with various outfits and was so impressed with how good they looked that I couldn’t believe why I’d never opted for this style of boot before!

So, now you know the background story to how I fell inlove with my Cos boots, let me tell you why everyone needs a pair of Chelsea boots and how important it is to find the perfect pair…

1.Chelsea Boots are classic and timeless. The last thing you want is to spend money on  something that is so on-trend that by next season you’ll be trying to flog it on eBay or dropping it off at your local charity shop. But, with a Chelsea boot you don’t need  to worry about them going out of fashion because as we have seen for years now, they just keep coming back for more!

2.They’re unisex design is what makes them so appealing and means that you’re always going to be part of the fashion elite among both males and females.

3. I’ve found that they pretty much compliment any outfit. They can be worn with ripped skinny jeans and a leather jacket for a more rock chick, biker kind of vibe. Or alternatively, throw on some black tights and a chunky jumper dress for a more feminine, alternative look.

4. You have the option of choosing a pair either with or without heels, so depending on your preference you have a wide variety of alternative styles. For those of you that want something a little different to the standard black leather, you can find Chelsea boots in lovely brown and tan tones, the suede ones are so pretty, but just consider practicality! If you live in an area known for damp and downpours (erm, Manchester!) then I would suggest avoiding suede. Unless you want these for the warmer months! The great thing about Chelsea boots is that they can be worn throughout any season. Try wearing a lighter suede option in Spring with a floaty dress, very boho chic indeed!

5. You don’t have to break the bank to join the Chelsea Crew! Unless they have a red sole, most boots are relatively anonymous, so it’s more just a case of finding the right style          and fit for you. Primark provide cheap high street options, with Topshop, New Look and Office having wide selections at reasonable prices. Alternatively search online stores            where you will find even more options. The great thing is, there’s that many variations that you’re literally guaranteed to find the perfect pair for you…


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