Venice : Part 1

Venice was one destination I had always wanted to reach, and when I finally arrived, I was not disappointed. I decided to go in May and it was such an incredible trip, I just wish I could have stayed longer! Upon arriving the weather was utterly glorious, which is always a good start to any holiday (especially for me as on this particular occasion I had just travelled to Spain twice in one month and experienced nothing but grey skies and raindrops!) Woe me! So you can imagine just how thrilled I was when I stepped off the plane and into some sunshine! Finally, I could put my sunglasses to good use!!


My friend and I had booked a twin room in a little hotel, and when we arrived it couldn’t have been situated in a better location, practically on the riverside! And considering we had opted for cheaper accommodation, this immediately exceeded our expectations!

Tip : When looking for accommodation (which can be very pricey indeed!) ensure you choose location over style. You will be tempted by some of the incredible hotels available, but after all, will you really be hangin’ out in your hotel room when you’ve got Venice just outside your door waiting to be explored? Erm, no! So, don’t give into temptation, save your pennies, and choose a cheaper option. Trust me, once you discover all the beautiful boutiques and the magnificent Murano glass, you will be so relieved that you saved some money!

Food & Drink

Now, once I’d reached the hotel, changed into something more stylish and slapped on my sunglasses, I went out to find some lunch. What was most surprising, was just how cheap it was! As we walked along the back street which was lined with shops, bars and restaurants, I couldn’t help but notice all the lunch deals on offer.

Tip : Don’t believe all you hear! I was told by anyone and everyone that Venice would be the most expensive place to visit, with people warning me to take plenty of money because I’d need it! Well, that wasn’t the case, at all. Obviously, there are certain bars and restaurants that will be a little pricey in comparison to others, but it’s like that wherever you go! It’s just a case of having some common sense. Have a little look at your options before making a decision. Also, don’t be lured in by the waiters who stand outside pointing to the menu with a big smile on their face, you’re not obliged to go inside, so just smile back and keep walking!

To be continued…



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