Venice : Spritzzzz


Ok, so where was I? Ahh yes, food and drink, mmmm!! Now, you might think that unless you spend a decent amount of money you’re not going to get a decent meal, wrong! In Venice, the food was incredible, even at the low prices I paid! Ironically, my least favourite meal was the most expensive! Typical eh! It was not long after we arrived, being very hungry and not following my own advice, I went to the first restaurant that caught my eye, and I guess I could say that I paid the price! Never will I pay that much for a pizza again! And I didn’t once I’d discovered the much cheaper, tastier options. I did kick myself a little, but we dined canal side, so I suppose you pay for the experience more than anything else.

Aperol Spritzzzzz

Aperol Spritz was something I experienced for the first time in Venice, and a taste I have longed for ever since. It became trendy in the UK a couple of summers ago, although I never paid much attention to the hype, silly me! Luckily, I was able to experience my first spritz against the beautiful backdrop of Venice. Now if you haven’t yet sipped a spritz, you simply must try this…



3, 2, 1…

3 parts Prosecco

2 parts Aperol

1 part Soda Water

Olive or Orange Slice to garnish



How simple is that? Now what was great about drinking Aperol Spritz in Venice is because that is where the drink originates from! The spritz was adapted from the Venetian tradition of mixing white wine and soda, and Aperol is an Italian liquor, so it seems only fitting that one should make this their drink of choice whilst visiting Venice. Now, you also have the option of how to serve your spritz…

Olives or Oranges? That is the question!

I myself prefer a big juicy green olive sitting in my spritz, soaking up all the alcohol, ready for devouring once my glass is empty! It feels all the more authentic to me, but either way, both compliment the drink nicely. But what surprised me the most, was just how cheap the drink was! On average in the UK, you can expect to pay anything between £7 and £10 for an Aperol Spritz, so you can imagine my shock and excitement when I ordered two at the bar and the bill came to €5! Yes, €5! I must admit, I can’t remember very much after that, I took full advantage of the low costs! But what a wonderful afternoon it was, sitting by the canal watching the boats and gondolas float by as I settled on the wall in my white summer dress, spritz in hand and sunshine on my skin!

So there you go, yet another point to prove all those who claimed Venice would be too expensive to survive wrong! Sadly, I now begrudge ordering an Aperol Spritz back home because of the ridiculous increase in price! Soooo annoying! But if you’re having a party, or a BBQ in the summer, head to your local grocery store and pick up a bottle, you have the recipe, so what are you waiting for? Go get spritzzzzed! But may I just confirm that I am not promoting or condoning alcohol abuse. Please be responsible if you are drinking alcohol, and remember, you must be 18 or over to drink alcohol in the UK.



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