Suffering from Tinnitus? Give Ginkgo a go!

An estimated six million people in the UK are effected by Tinnitus, yet so many suffer in silence.

So what is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition in which you hear a range of sounds from within your ears.

What sounds?

Well, the type of sounds can vary, although it is often described as a ringing in the ears, other sounds such as whistling, hissing and humming can be heard. For some people the sounds come and go, but for others the noise is continuous.

What causes Tinnitus?

There isn’t one particular cause for the condition, although being exposed to loud noises has been known to trigger Tinnitus, as can a build up of wax in the ears.

My Story…

My Mum had been a long term sufferer of Tinnitus having struggled with a severe case of the condition for years. The noise in her ears was constant and her only hope of escape was a continued attempt to drown out the sound. As a child, I can remember her walking around the house with a cassette player listening to music and story tapes. I never understood why she was doing this, but then, I never questioned it. I was too young to understand what Tinnitus was…

Ginkgo Biloba! The miracle cure!!

So one morning whilst reading the newspaper, my Mum stumbled upon a tiny article about Ginkgo Biloba tablets and how they had helped to cure someone who had been suffering from Tinnitus. As someone who would normally be reluctant to take tablets, this was no longer the case. She had reached the point of despair and was willing to try anything that might put her out of her misery.

Well, one tablet is all it took. Yes, one tablet saved my Mum. It cured her pain and long term suffering. It was a miracle! Even now, she still cannot believe that after all those years of torture, all it took was one tablet.

Now I’m not saying that Ginkgo Biloba will work for everyone, but if this post helps just one person, then that is one more than it helped before. If my Mum hadn’t have known about this, then there’s a chance she might not be with us now. She’s since made it quite clear that she simply could have not continued living with the condition, so that little tablet potentially saved her life.

So what is Ginkgo Biloba?

Ginkgo Biloba is a tree native to China. The tablets are formed from an extract of the Ginkgo Biloba leaf. It apparently helps to support mental focus and memory.

Where to buy…

Most drug stores should stock this. My Mum got her Ginkgo Biloba tablets from Holland & Barrett and the assistant in the store confirmed that it had been known to cure Tinnitus.

How to prevent Tinnitus…

You can’t guarantee you won’t ever get Tinnitus, but simple ways to try and prevent this are to avoid loud noises. Try to avoid loud music, and if you find that you frequent music events and nightclubs often it’s always recommended to wear earplugs, especially if you suffer from ringing in the ears shortly afterwards. Try not to let wax build up in your ears as sometimes this can be the simple cause for Tinnitus. Obviously, I am no expert, so if you find you are suffering from any form of inner ear sounds or suspect you may be suffering from Tinnitus please seek medical advice, often a simple ear test can be the solution.

If you find you are still suffering, please do give Ginkgo a go!

I really hope this will help many others, and if so, please do share your stories and continue to spread the word…







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