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Suffering from Tinnitus? Give Ginkgo a go!

An estimated six million people in the UK are effected by Tinnitus, yet so many suffer in silence.

So what is Tinnitus? (more…)

Venice : Spritzzzz


Ok, so where was I? Ahh yes, food and drink, mmmm!! Now, you might think that unless you spend a decent amount of money you’re not going to get a decent meal, wrong! (more…)

Cha Cha Charity

Ok, so let me take this chance to tell you all about Charity Shops, yes, Charity Shops!

To give  you a brief background to my story, my Mum (yes, the Mother who knows best!) has ALWAYS been addicted to charity shops. Whist I was out indulging at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, she was out spending pennies at Oxfam! I never understood her fascination with second hand shopping, until recently that is… (more…)